ADL Turns Blind Eye to Armenian Genocide

adlnoplaceforhate.jpgThe Anti-Defamation League (ADL) sponsored the “No Place for Hate” program in Watertown, just like a bunch of towns in America interested in tolerance and understanding. Unfortunately, Watertown’s sizable Armenian American population knew that the ADL’s Executive Director, Abraham Foxman, has a shady history in regards to the Armenian Genocide, overlooking the first genocide of the 20th century for the sake of Israeli-Turkish political interests, and the town’s Armenian Americans wouldn’t tolerate the double standard.

Foxman recently told the Boston Globe that the ADL doesn’t have an official position on the Armenian Genocide, though they have one for other genocides.

Thankfully, Will Twombly, the co-chairman of Watertown’s “No Place For Hate” committee, is more rational. The Globe wrote, “…[Twombly] said the committee acknowledges the Armenian genocide, even if the ADL does not.” Then Twombly added, “Not to condemn the genocide and fully recognize it for what it was, I personally find inconsistent with the mission of No Place for Hate.”–Amen!

Maybe Watertown should organize a sensitivity training workshop for the ADL chief.

The backlash started a few weeks back on Jewcy & Huffington Post (Blogian on July 11), but now the Boston Globe is joining the chorus and shining a spotlight on the ADL’s uneven policy towards genocide. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) is also writing about the controversy (article).