Caught My Eye

  • I admit I never think about street art in the Caucasus but, according to ArtMika in London, there’s a new site on LiveJournal with pics of the latest stuff
  • John d’Addario: Let’s start by talking about some the lessons you learned from Prospect.1 that will change the way you’ll be doing things for Prospect.2.Dan Cameron: …One of the top things I want to see happen is having the biennial more neighborhood-identified within the greater context of New Orleans. Over the course of Prospect.1, I noticed that some people found the whole thing very daunting given the scale of what we were doing, especially people from out of town who maybe were just encountering New Orleans for the first time, or who didn’t know that there’s a lot more to the city than the French Quarter…This city is made up of incredibly diverse, vibrant neighborhoods and I want Prospect.2 to become more closely associated with places like Mid-City, Tremé, the Warehouse District …make the whole experience more manageable for the people who come to see it…Another thing is that Prospect.2 is going to be more focused on music than Prospect.1…
  • How the health industry has been allowed a free pass for so long is amazing…in the 1980s, the gov’t cracked down on doctors, hopefully now it is the turn of the insurance companies. Here’s to the hope that we’ll have a public option in the Obama Health Care Plan.
  • While Billyburg is strange and that’s why we love it, this has got to be the strangest ad I’ve seen to come out of that great emerald city of hipsterdom…now, is he looking for a lover or an addict to share drugs with? Ummmm…not sure…
  • I don’t know about you but Banksy’s brand of critique seems off in the context of this poor West African nation. Unlike JR, whose images were not about satire when he plastered the roofs of slums in Nairobi with photos of the people there, here the Banksy images almost seem precious and lonely.Check out the Banksy Flickr group for more pics/discussion
  • William has some interesting observations about Qi Peng’s recent project at Envoy Gallery and the issue of appropriation…how much is too much?
  • Art21 links to a video which spoofs the program’s unique brand of visual arts programming…priceless.