AGBU News Magazine, December 2006

The folliowing are my articles in the Dec. ’06 edition of AGBU News Magazine:
Cover of AGBU News Dec 2006

“A Voice in the Wilderness” (An interview with Hrant Dink)

“Does the Success of ‘Little Armenia’ Promise Big Things” (A look at California’s Armenian theatre scene)

“Producing a Great Deal: Knowing the Business of Movie Making” (An interview with Alexis Alexanian)

“Yacoubian Building” (A controversial Egyptian film with an Armenian name)

“The Buzz About Bezzerides” (Two documentaries about the Armenian American novelist and Hollywood screenwriter)

“Armenian Blogs Have Something to Say: Is Anyone Listening?” (The Armenian blogosphere)

“Living in Perfect Harmony: Students in Armenia and America Meet Online” (Project Harmony)