My Street Art Prayers Answered?

Yesterday I vented about the death of Street Art, begging for someone to inoculate the art form from the All The Good Things In My Life Are Badhorrors of boredom. Well, guess what, other than the possible wave of public knitters (I’m not holding my breath for the knitting thing to catch on big in New York) there is the “Little People” project that began last year and includes the adorable tagline “Little handpainted people, left in London to fend for themselves.”

All The Good Things In My Life Are Bad 2Created by slinkachu, an artist with an obvious taste for irony, I hope these “little people” will be able to make it past INS and land in New York sometime soon. (Here’s a photo gallery of some of his London gems.)
The only unfortunate thing is that prints of these mini-sculptures are being sold as limited edition prints online–call me a purist, but anything that is commodified so quickly doesn’t qualify as the future of street art. So, I’m holding out for something a little better, but I have to admit, we’re getting closer…

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