Bye Bye Cable TV (& good riddance)

img_0630.JPGVeken received his Apple TV four days ago and we’ve already been going crazy over it–part of the reason I haven’t been blogging. Now with this jewel there is NO reason to watch cable television…there is a slew of free podcasts to choose from, including the riveting Williamsburg sitcom theBURG, the newer Brooklyn sitcom PodOperaBrooklyn, the popular video diary Rocketboom, and a bunch of Logo podcasts (daily CBS/Logo newscast & Bellini’s “Here & Now”).

Also, with its photo and music library capability there is no reason to print hardcopies for photographs (just display them on any screen), or listen to music on your stereo (though iPod already destroyed that dinosaur). Did I also mention that the system is wi-fi and therefore wireless?

img_0650.JPGNot only are the podcasts more manageable for contemporary attention spans (3 – 20 mins.), but they’re edgier than mainstream TV, commercial-free (for now), and detonate the monopoly television companies & cable companies have had for far too long.

Now that the system has been hacked (that didn’t take long), it’s only a matter of time before we are able to watch anything. The predictions of an internet-based video future are here!

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  1. Hey Hrag,

    Just wanted to send a note to say thanks for watching (and linking)… new episodes out very soon. We think (hope) you’ll like!


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