Simon Schama’s Power Trip

From the world of the weird…to think, Columbia University art history prof by day, art superhero at night? Can someone explain this to me? What exactly is a “Power Ranger of Art”? What is Simon Schama’s doing exactly? Ass kicking in the art world? ummmm…..speechless…(Schama’s Wiki bio)…but hey, if Schama can turn kids onto art, more power to him. It changed my life when I entered a museum for the first time as a kid.

CLARIFICATION: A friend in London (hat tip to IQ) clarified this strange clip: “It’s Rory Bremner doing a parody of Simon Schama. Bremner has a political satire show on Sunday nights on BBC 1, Bremner, Bird and Fortune. He is genius. I only wish Simon Schama would lighten up and actually do the Power Rangers sequence. He’s so austere. There are some stellar moments in the Power of Art series though. Have you seen it?” So, all is good in the universe again.

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