Pop Culturally Armenian: Straight Outta Yerevan

From the world of Cilicia.com I found this gem by Der Hova (post), which proves the absolute universality of hip hop culture today.

This Armenian singer come across like the love child of Fergie (video) and Usher (video), though I’d suggest she work on two things: her dance moves and her “sexy.”

There are some beautiful images in the video, including floating speakers in a golden stream (ummm…paging Andres Serrano? wiki). The aesthetic at work on some of the short segments remind me of Armenian Canadian experimental filmmaker Garine Torossian (see Girl From Moush on YouTube) with its appetite for layering and symmetry (though Sergei Paradjanov also comes to mind–edited clip from Color of the Pomegranateswarning: music is not the original).

More than anything in a loooooong while, this video suggests there is some potential for interesting things to come out of small nations with big pop culture aspirations.

I always wondered why Armenia never celebrated its Asian-ness, so it made me happy that this Armenian music video looked east for inspiration rather than the more predictable–and played out–west.

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