Tribeca Film Festival Showcases a Karabakh Documentary

war_peace_lead.jpgA new flick by Barz Media, A STORY OF PEOPLE IN WAR AND PEACE (69 min.), is in the running for the “World Documentary Feature Competition” at the Tribeca Film Festival next month.

Directed by Vardan Hovhannisyan, co-produced by Arte & BBC (to name a few), the New York screening will be the film’s U.S. premiere.

Insiders tell me that the filmmaker is going to throw a NY party geared to the city’s Armenian community later this month, but until more details become available check out the film’s website (here).

BBC Four gives a good summary:

This is a first, eloquent and ultimately hopeful film made by a filmmaker who was involved in the conflict as a war correspondent – Vardan Hovhannisyan. He tracked down all the people he filmed 10 years ago in order to see how they had been affected. His film footage is remarkable: it could come from the World War I. But then maybe the essence of war – being bored, killing people, becoming passionately attached to those people with whom you fight – never really changes. That seems to be the message of Vardan’s terrific film.(source)

The Executive Director of Tribeca, Peter Scarlet, had this to say about the film:

Another of our offerings helps place this in a broader perspective: an Armenian doc called A STORY OF PEOPLE IN WAR AND PEACE…what the film offers is something quite remarkable: it’s made by a filmmaker who covered the war at the time, and who inter-cuts his old footage with interviews he’s filmed now with the surviving soldiers. But above all, perhaps because it focuses on a war whose particulars aren’t familiar to us, and whose vitriol and tears aren’t embossed into our hearts, it succeeds heartbreakingly in driving home the fact that somehow we know that nothing justifies the fact of taking the precious, irreplaceable life of even a single human being.(source)

For the facts of the Karabakh war, according to Reuters, visit here.

The Festival will present a total of 159 feature films and 85 shorts selected from 4,550 film submissions, of which 2,250 were feature film submissions.


Sun, Apr 29, 5:00pm – Regal Cinemas Theater 5
Tue, May 1, 3:30pm – AMC Kips Bay Theater 13
Wed, May 2, 6:30pm – AMC Kips Bay Theater 13
Thu, May 3, 2:45pm – AMC 34th Street Theater 13
Fri, May 4, 11:00am – AMC 34th Street Theater 12

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  1. Houri Avatar

    I think this is going to be one amazing documentary. I’m hoping to catch it at least twice. What an opportunity to feel something that happened in our lifetime yet it seems it belongs centuries ago…

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