A Manhattan Pig Roast

img_0664.jpgI don’t know if any of us expected the pig roast at Daisy May’s BBQ (site) to be as disturbingly “real” as it was, but after the initial shock of a whole pig in front of us (seemingly collapsed from exhaustion) we got down to the serious business of eating.

Known as the one of the best BBQ joints in the city (proof, more proof & the ultimate proof), Daisy May’s looks like a slice of Alabama on the Hudson. The no-frills dining room (I can’t emphasize no-frills enough–we’re talking fluorescent bulbs) was a little intimidating since most New York’s restaurants prefer a more ambient tone “which relaxes them and makes them feel pretty” (source).

img_0668.jpgThe occasion was a good friend being in town, and the partakers were an eclectic selection of friends and family. Using plastic tongs to pull the meat off the carcass and a delicious gravy tailored for the swine–it was divine–we began to determine if the pig party was going to meet the high standards us New Yorkers demand of our culinary establishments.

The plates and cutlery were plastic, the surrounding wood looked untreated, and the patrons weren’t exactly dressed for the opera…so far, so good.

img_0675.jpgAbout the side dishes…they were all amazing compliments to the succulent main course: the texas toast (southern garlic bread according to wiki) was very buttery but savory, the mash potatoes had their own flavor-rich sauce, the spinach was creamy, the coleslaw was spicy and negotiated a good truce between vinegar & mayo, the sweet potatoes were perfection in a plastic container, and the dessert of pineapple was a sweet finish to a marathon meal.

img_0677.jpgI’ll let you in on a little secret, for the last year, Veken & I have been on a quest for the holy grail of BBQ in NYC. Our obsession has taken us all over the place and we admit there are still reservations left to make before we finalize our top ten, but how did we rate Daisy May’s? Definitely top three (RUB & Blue Smoke being the others in that elite group), but it would’ve been great to have a taste of other meats at Daisy May’s to get a better idea of the chef’s skills (we were teased with a small plate of yummy ribs)…but alas, maybe next time.

img_0669.jpgAs an aside, Veken had a dream the night of the feast that he was being chased (or eaten, he can’t remember) by a lion. He attributes the odd scene to coming face to face with his dinner. I’d have to agree that the pig roast was an experience I won’t soon forget. It made me realize how disconnected city folk have become from our food supply, since picking up meat in the supermarket disembodied and packaged is nowhere as traumatizing as seeing it connected to a head and hooves. Maybe I should rekindle my collegiate taste for vegetarianism.

6 responses to “A Manhattan Pig Roast”

  1. Jae Avatar

    WOW! That’s a WHOLE and REAL PIG!
    Looks Awesome! I am sorry I missed out on such a primal experience. What a great idea Hrag. I will not miss the next whole pig fest!

  2. Amy Avatar

    Well, as much as I like BBQ, and as exciting as it seemed when you told me about the idea, I’m not sure I could actually sit there and eat a PIG.

    I think you’re totally right, though, about how disconnected we are from our food sources, though. Maybe we should HAVE to eat whole pigs more often, to challenge how serious we are about eating meat… or about resorting to vegetarianism!

    – A.

  3. Houri Avatar

    As a participant of this pigfest, I must say it was as good and gory as Hrag says. I was also the lucky one(?) to drag the leftovers home (I know I should have stopped after my second drink).

    I placed the humongous package in the fridge and promptly went to bed praying for digestion angels… This morning wanting to figure out where I could bestow the honor of this pig’s leftovers I checked the package when to my horror the pig’s face stared back at me!! AAGGHH!! the nightmare continues Veken! the pig followed me home! of course now I’m still contemplating on how or where I should dump this poor thing. There’s no way I’m sending it to Vartali where the staff is famous for wiping out many left overs but it is an elegant place on east 57 street after all, imagine one of my elegant ladies walking into the lunch room by mistake, although I have a feeling someone like Mary Louise Parker will see the humor in it, after all she was down with Snoop Dog…nah forget that.

    I guess I have to go to the church around the coner, in diguise of course and just drop it off without being noticed, I do have to walk by there every day — Why did you all let me bring this carcass home!?!?!

  4. Hrag Avatar

    I suggest you invite us all for dinner!

  5. yasmeena Avatar

    a crackling and snappy review says matthew. i’m crackled and snapped into not being able to eat the chicken i made for dinner.

  6. Ani Avatar

    Wow. I know you said they bring out the pig but I did not envision this exactly. My goodness, that really is a PIG! Glad you had fun! I’m sorry I missed the company (minus the swine).

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