Photos of Armenian Genocide Denial in Times Square

denial_7_aaj.jpgA photographer friend, the talented Aram Jibilian, was passing by Times Square on Saturday April 21, 2007, and fortunately snapped these photos of the disturbing Turkish-funded rally that denies the reality of the Armenian Genocide.

It is shocking that there were so many children at the rally holding up professionally-prepared signs. How sad it is that Turkish youth are being brainwashed by Turkish nationalists not only in Turkey but now also here in America.

Aram writes:

Took these shots over the weekend on Saturday as I was walking through Times Square. Came across a rally of Turkish deniers with these crazy racist depictions of Armenians as murderous pinocchios. My favorite slogan though was ” Armenian lies are genocide of the TRUTH”…Now I don’t want to split hairs, but isn’t genocide clearly defined as the systematic mass killings of humans of a certain population. If one was lying, I guess you could call it “killing” the TRUTH, but “genocide” of the truth?

Complete photos here.

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) has also posted a video of the Turkish denial protest in Washington, DC the same weekend.

Today’s New York Times also has a full page ad (page 5) from the Turkish government using their latest denial tactic of supporting a commission to decide the “truth”–the fact is that only one country (Turkey) hasn’t accepted the truth, everyone knows the reality (PDF-805KB).

UPDATE: More photos of the the denialist Times Square rally on Flikr (here)–courtesy Blogian.

UPDATE 2: has a great post on Sunday’s Times Square Rally (link)–the 133 comments (by non-Armenian & non-Turks) are a great read! {hat tip to IArarat}

UPDATE 3: The godfather of Armo blogging, Raffi K., reports from Yerevan on this year’s Armenian Genocide Commemmorations (link).

One response to “Photos of Armenian Genocide Denial in Times Square”

  1. arapo Avatar

    And Armenians at their Times Square rally a day later should have been holding up signs of Turkish writers and dissidents either murdered or arrested in Turkey during the last decade. Let’s bring the genocide issue into the 21st century and link its denial with the historic attitude of the Turkish state regarding their contempt for minority rights , freedom of religion and basic democracy.

    All we keep hearing is is hackneyed slogan, “We Will Never Forget”. Great…next what? When are Armenians going to take a leap of faith and take off the gloves and get down and dirty with those who would like nothing better than the chance to finish the job their forefathers attempted in 1915?

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