Chatting with Gracie Kendal about Second Life art

Email interview (March 16, 2007)

1 – How did you become involved in Second (SL) art?

graciekendal.jpgWell, I am an artist in real life (rl). I first started second life after my rl aunt and uncle read about it in “Spin magazine”. They came in, and saw what an incredible world it was. So I came in and fell in love with this virtual world. Started going to live music events, and going to the art galleries. And I realized this is a great venue for getting my art out there and seen by so many more people. I started to upload my art into SL, and rented a gallery space and from there, people started to see my art and I got invited to show at other galleries, and It has been wonderful ever since.

2 – Are you a professional artist, art student, or something else in your terrestrial list?

I have been painting for about 10 years now. I didnt want to be a starving artist, so I decided to get my degree in Art History. I am currently finishing my Masters in Art History and teaching part time at a Junior College. This gives me a great opportunity of being surrounded by art, one of the things I love the most, everyday of my life. I am currently having a website made and hope to start promoting myself much more in real life so that dream will come true.

3 – Where do you live and is there a community of SL artists where you live?

Down the Rabbit Hole by Gracie KendalI live in Southern California. I have met a few people in southern california, through SL who are artists, whether visual artists or musicians, but havent really found a ‘community’ of SL artists.

4 – How old are you?

I am a 34 year old female in rl. Exactly like my avatar, no deception there.

5 – Why do you choose to make and sell art in SL?

When I first came into SL, and saw how people from rl brought there rl art into SL, I thought what an amazing idea. What a great way of getting our art out there, into the ‘world’ I think, like so many have said, this is a great venue for promoting our RL art. And I am happy to help decorate SL homes with my art.

6 – Have you sold a lot in SL? If so, how much?

Since I started selling in November, I average about 30-40 sales a month. Although, I don’t know where the money has gone. I guess too much shopping in SL. I am a woman…lol

7 – Are there any other artists in SL you admire? What is it about their art you admire?

Aquarius by Gracie Kendal Wow. There are so many artists in SL that I admire. I love Esch Snoats and Filthy Fluno. They have crossed, or blurred the boundaries between SL and rl. They have incredible talents with their mediums and it really transfers well into SL. I have also purchased their art in RL too. Also there is some incredible photographers in SL, whether transfering rl images into SL like Sinsabar Holgado, or taking SL photographs and digitally altering them with photoshop as Marisela Bouchard. Very unique, incredible artists.

8 – Do you see a future for art in SL? If you’ve been doing this for a while, have you seen the art in SL change at all?

I can definitely see a future for art in SL. SL is a piece of art itself. There are so many creative people that have come into this amazing world. And more coming in everyday. And not just artists, but art connoisseurs, art promotors, curators and so forth. I have a friend, Jordan Morganrote, who works in PR and runs two galleries. Sheis always looking for new artists and even commissions work. Another friend who runs an art promotion company. As more people come into SL, more people will create and buy art here. And is is a perfect venue for helping to sell our RL works too. And maybe making a name for ourself in both worlds. I have only been in SL since October. I have seen the Art world grow with everyday the population grows. Hopefully there will be a great crossover between SL and rl. I have even dreamed of a simultaneous exhbition between SL and rl. What a great Idea..very postmodern, the merging of these two worlds.

9 – Is there anything you’d like to add?

I value this world that we have created. I have made so many friends, so many connections, and Life can’t be better. I believe that life is too short. Whether its our first or second life. There are endless possibilities to what we can do, especially in SL. So why not live each day to its fullest. Why not become that famous, or infamous artist in SL that eludes us in our real lives. As long as I don’t have to cut off my ear.

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