Pennsylvania’s Children of the Chicken

img_0750.jpgLast weekend, Veken and I drove up to Toronto to pick up the vestiges of books and paintings that have far too long languished in my parents’ basement unloved and unexposed to sunlight.

As part of the adventure (which is a kind way to describe the 9-hour drive), we found this incredibly surreal KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurant in Pennsylvania that features framed photographs of what has to be the owner’s family. I don’t really know how to describe these images, so I’ll let them do all the talking.

Complete gallery of pics here.

Tomorrow: Eating at the birthplace of Buffalo Wings

One response to “Pennsylvania’s Children of the Chicken”

  1. These are way too funny — Hrag only you would stumble into and appreciate true culture. I think we should do a series with Armenian kids and huge shish kebabs arranged around them. It will be brilliant!

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