Be Any Stereotype You Want to Be!

mytransformationonlinept2.gifI tried my hand at looking like Paris Hilton two days ago, so today I found another facial transformation tool, called Perception Laboratory’s Face Transformer (link), to make me look (1) Afro-Caribbean (2) West-Asian (aka Middle Eastern) (3) like a Modigliani painting [believe or not, that’s an option] and (4) like a painting by Renaissance master, Botticelli.

The results are not exactly wonderful, but I think that as a West Asian, the program made me darker and more “swarthy”–which tells you a lot about the programmers’ racist conceptions of what West Asians actually look like..what is this, the 1950s!?!?

I think I like the Modigliani transformation the best. {hat tip

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