Karen Sargsyan Snags Dutch Art Prize

karen-sargsyan.jpgWhile I have never heard of Karen Sargsyan until today, the young artist has snagged the most promising young artists award at Art Amsterdam (source).

Check out his winning installation on this Dutch blog (video) or using this BlipTV permalink (video). His work is playful, whimsical and seems to riff on compositions that evoke traditional oil painting.

A search on the web suggests Sargsyan is better known in European (and more specifically Dutch) art circles than in America, but that may soon change with this artistic shot in the arm.

Represented by Amsterdam’s Juliette Jongma Gallery, Sargsyan is a resident artist at Rijksakademie (source) this year and is featured at a Cologne show this month entitled “..what will be told of today tomorrow ” (info).

According to the Art Amsterdam website, the young artist award will assure Sargsyan a full-color catalogue and solo-show at the 2008 fair.

Here are some pics of other work at Art Amsterdam.

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  1. Dear Hrag,
    Karen is gooing to come to LA(Max Fox Gallary) and NY in june/juli. Hi is really grate I love his work a lot!

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