Buying My iPhone at the Apple Flagship Store


It was a circus outside the Fifth Avenue Apple Store this evening. People were working the line, trying to sell us services and things (a phone recycling services, iPod speakers, a hunger website, a way to unlock your iPhone) as we spiraled around the block. It was impressive that the line went so fast, and I suspect if we arrived at 8pm we could’ve snagged a phone within half an hour (oh well, took us three hours since we got there at 4pm–truthfully, I arrived at 5).

I snapped some picks to capture the event, though I have to say that while the opening of the store (for which I also waiting three hours in line) was rather festive and fun, the iPhone launch felt less festive and almost desperate. There were some kids who sold their place in line for $150 bucks and a stream of people that walked by the line telling us all we were nuts for waiting for a $600 phone–yeah, yeah, yeah…I’ll let you know if it was worth it, but so far, so good!


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