Mapping the Blogosphere – Brooklyn Ranks 23rd


The world’s 30 most active blogging cities, according to BusinessWeek and FeedBurner:

  • Most active: NY, LA, London, Chicago, Rome, Madrid, Toronto, Houston, Washington, Atlanta
  • 11-20: Paris, Seattle, San Diego, Austin, Minneapolis, Denver, SF, Portland, Dallas, Singapore
  • 21-30: St Louis, Jakarta, Brooklyn (NY), Philadelphia, Mexico City, Montreal, Beijing, Moscow, Mumbai, Columbus

{Hat tip to Lunch Over IP}

2 responses to “Mapping the Blogosphere – Brooklyn Ranks 23rd”

  1. Here’s my question: when New York and Brooklyn are both listed on statistical lists like this, do they count Brooklyn when tallying New York, and then consider Brooklyn separately? It seems like Brooklyn’s numbers help New York’s numbers, and then Brooklyn gets counted again. You follow?

  2. I don;t think Brooklyn got counted in the New York count…I really think they mean Manhattan. Either way we’re above, Beijing Moscow, Montreal, Mexico City & Philadelphia…that’s pretty impressive.

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