My iPhone Review

photoiphonex.jpgNow that I’ve had my iPhone for a week, I wanted to chime in about the wonder-phone and whether it is the technological equivalent of the second coming.

After queuing online at the midtown Manhattan Apple Store for three hours, I ran back home to activate my phone (no problems, unlike other horror stories) and load it up with my photos, music and podcasts. Well, here’s the run down on what’s great and what’s lukewarm on Apple’s hype-friendly gizmo:

  • SYNCING CONTENT: I tried to sync all my 5 GB of music on my 8 GB iPhone and it didn’t work, so when I tried smaller clusters of files things went fine;
  • INTERFACE: I LOVE the graphics and particularly the use of Helvetica throughout the interface;
  • SIZE: smaller and lighter than I expected and very light;
  • PHONE: sound is great;
  • VOICEMAIL: I’m convinced the visual voicemail is going to be a “must-have” for all future phones;
  • HEADPHONE: perhaps my favorite feature, since smart clickable switch on the cord makes fielding calls as simple as pie…last weekend at the gym I was able to go between my music and a phone call without even interrupting my workout;
  • EMAIL: email takes getting used to–I really wish it would group conversations in my Gmail account, but maybe that will come with time, also, I haven’t yet synced up my work email with this so I’m not sure how that’s going to work;
  • WEB BROWSING: AT&T’s Edge network isn’t great but the Wi-fi is amazing. Now I wish that Flash worked on websites, though they say it’s coming;
  • PHOTOS: easy to use, nice big screen to see the images and it’s fun to browse and enlarge images;
  • SMS: a lifesaver and my second favorite feature…I think it’s worthwhile to get the unlimited text plan for $20 extra;
  • CALENDAR: I wish I could sync my Google Calendar with this, so, until that happens I’m not going to be using this much;
  • WEATHER: I am using this more than I thought I would;
  • CLOCK: great selection of alarm and ringer sounds;
  • YOUTUBE: I just can’t get enough of this, particularly of Drama Prairie Dog, when I’m in a rut–the higher quality vids look amazing, like watchin a mini-HD TV;
  • MAPS: great and easy-to-use;
  • STOCKS: attractive enough to make me want to buy some;
  • iPOD: great though you can’t watch your video podcasts using the “Podcast” tab you need to watching them using the “Video” tab–a minor irritation;
  • BATTERY: since I’m a tech-whore and I’m on my iPhone 24-7, I could easily charge this twice a day…so I wish the battery lasted twice as long; and
  • ACCESSORIES: I purchased a thin rubber skin that I think makes handling the device a lot easier.

Final verdict: No regrets and I have been using this all day, every day…but the buzz that updates will be arriving next month makes my heart skip a beat!

But regardless whatever I say, nothing can beat The New York Times’ David Pogue who has created–wait for it–“iPhone: The Musical”…but don’t trust me, watch it yourself. Priceless.

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  1. Carmen Avatar

    The only reviewer I trust–honest, organized, to the point. Now I want an iPhone. Thanks, Hrag!

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