Earth to Madonna, Get Over Yourself

madonna-baby.jpgGood ol’ Madge has lost it, and other than being the lead act in Live Earth–which I personally found dull–her majesty had the following edict for reporters eager to speak to her backstage at the performance:

Presenters were…forbidden to ask about husband Guy Ritchie, her controversial Kaballah religion and their recent adoption of Malawian baby David.

According to the London Mirror:

We can reveal that US TV presenters who interviewed her were bizarrely ordered never to lose eye contact with her.

Before being ushered into the Queen of Pop’s presence at Wembley on Saturday, interviewers were instructed by minions:

Eye contact must be maintained at all times;

Never look down to check notes – all questions must be memorised or the interview will be terminated.

It made me think that the Kaballah girl has got to get a grip. I used to be a major fan but last year my feverish passion for her broke. It makes me so happy that I’m no longer watching her appropriate black subcultures (or babies) so that she make headlines and garner attention.

I guess I got sick of the roller coaster ride that is all started to feel very 20th Century.

{Hat tip to Huff Post}

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