Armenian News Bites

Here are some news snippets, in no particular order, that I’d file under interesting:

  • Armenian British doc, Sir Ara Darzi, becomes British Minister of Health (BBC article);
  • Canvases by Armenian painters Hovhannes Aivazovky, Martiros Saryan & Minan Avedisian stolen from a Moscow apartment of a 71 year old pensioner (link);
  • Etyen Mahcupyan, who become editor of Agos Newspaper in Istanbul after Hrant Dink’s assasination, speaks to Germany’s Der Spiegel Int’l about the Dink trial and says the killers are part of a “larger network” and the staff of Agos still receive death threats (interview);
  • Onnik Krikorian at Oneworld Multimedia reminiscences about “Nardi, Chess & Cards” in Armenia (link)
  • Blogian joins the “Fire Foxman” chorus begun by Jewcy and seconded by the Huffington Post, which calls for the dismissal of Anti-Defamation League (ADL) leader, Abraham Foxman, for Armenian Genocide denial; and
  • Armenia gets mixed reviews from World Bank (link).

I also wanted to share what a repatriated Armenian friend who lives in Yerevan wrote to me today, which was half joke, half social commentary:

My news is that i have to get out of the apt. i am in…i hate the center of the city…it is soooooo diasporan moved to armenia first five years… i am definitely in my stage two… out of the city (then its out of armenia next).

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