Turkmenistan’s Louvre

turkmenart.jpgI know a lot of art people, but I can’t say that I know anyone who has confessed their passion to visit the Museum of Fine Art in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Yet, the illustriously blogger Josh Kucera has just been and posted some images of the treasures within…well, not exactly the great masterpieces of the Metropolitan Museum of Art but there is something to be said for cult-of-personality kitsch.

Don’t take my word for it, visit Istanbul-Beijing for a first-hand blog tour.

Well, if you still can’t get enough silk road sentimentality and if you ever wanted to see what would happen if a megalomaniac took over of a country and then started to erect monuments to his parents who died over 50 years ago in a war and an earthquake, well…Josh gives us a glimpse of that totalitarian reality a la Turkmenistan…the sappy monuments.

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While in other news, Blogian is sounding the alarm bells on Turkish American academic Taner Akcam’s life…a Turkish journalist asks, “Are They Going to Kill Taner, Too?”

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