My iPhone Review: One Month Later

I ran into a friend from LA this weekend and she asked me to write a follow-up review of my initial iPhone review, so here goes:

  • I am now inseparable from my iPhone, and if I could implant it I probably would
  • the battery life is a bit of pain but considering how much I use it (commute, work, gym, home, etc) I’m not surprised
  • some podcasts can’t be viewed/listened to via the iPhone (very irritating)
  • I wish you could type emails when the device is in landscape mode, but alas, not yet
  • no cut and paste (another iPhone user I ran into this weekend, reminded me of this shortcoming)
  • the camera is waaaaaaay better than I expected, and as you can tell by my blog, a very popular tool for me
  • the web browser is amazing but slow when not connected to WiFi
  • phone quality is great and SMSing is a pure joy
  • the map feature has been VERY useful on many occasions but there have been a couple of times that something I knew was there didn’t appear…maybe a glitch?

Overall assessment….STILL LOVE IT though I am excited for the next software update which we’ve been hearing about forever and some are saying will arrive mid-August. Looks like many of the updates will solve most of my tech concerns.

2 responses to “My iPhone Review: One Month Later”

  1. Veken Gueyikian Avatar

    I love my iPhone too. Although I don’t think I use it nearly as much as you do 🙂

  2. Jenny Avatar

    🙂 Aforementioned “Friend from L.A.” thanks you for obliging me.

    I’m sorry that I never updated my travelogue. I think what I’ll do is an overall summary of my experience, rather than a day by day account … there’s been too much going on, as you know. And, I owe you a phone call.

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