iPhone 2.0…My Upgrade


I love my iPhone but this is my wish list..I know, I know, there is already a wish list being voted by the citizens of the web but this is mine:

  1. a video camera feature & video chat (we know it’s possible);
  2. full integration with Outlook servers (I need work email);
  3. easier syncing (my PC still has problems with big files);
  4. more memory (like 100 GB);
  5. more battery life (like 5 days);
  6. use it as a credit card;
  7. use it as my house key;
  8. syncing contacts with my Gmail account;
  9. a bluetooth headset should be default with every unit (iPhone should also have complete bluetooth capabilties); and
  10. apps for PicassaWeb, Flickr, Facebook (the iPhone tailored website is a good start), LinkedIn and Google Reader.

Here is Jeffrey Zeldman’s list of what iPhone 2.0 will do…the list is VERY impressive but it still doesn’t help my battery life.

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