Touring the late August Art Blogs


While the galleries are empty, thankfully, the art blogs are full…

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  1. The sad thing is.. there aren’t that many artists blogging about art. Most of the links you gave aren’t from individuals speaking their own mind, but rather are from established organizations. The artists need to move away from allowing the magazines, galleries, museum curators, and the rest of the art establishment speak for them.

  2. I don’t know if that will work, considering most artists I meet are not very good at explaining their own work. Rare is the artist who sees the real context and meaning in their work. Intuition is a key factor in art making, and often when artists talk (and this has happened to me often) they are their worst PR–wading the work down with ideological, trendy or puerile ideas that obscure the art.

  3. Actually, quite a few of the blogs on the links page at ArtCal are written by artists. Many of them talk about others’ work more than their own.

  4. Seems like you actually understand quite a lot
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    Thank you -Jefferson

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