Mine is Bigger

I guess it may be human nature to want the largest, best or most beautiful of anything–though it may also be a result of a deep insecurity (just a hunch).

Recently, Dubai has been the center of this particular affliction since they have already made the world’s largest man-made islands and the Burj Dubai skyscraper has just surpassed Toronto’s CN,  and will soon pass Fargo, ND’s KVLY-TV mast, to become the world’s tallest structure–it will eventually measure 800 m (2,625 ft)–WOW!

Well, not be outdone, the German town of Dessau, better known as the birthplace of the Bauhaus, is planning to build the largest pyramid which will be twice the size of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. According to the London Telegram, the final funerary structure will be decided by an international jury headed by Rem Koolhaus.


In not-so-fun news, The Independent‘s Robert Fisk reports that the archaeological heritage of Iraq may be completely lost since “even those Iraqis who trained as archaeological workers in Saddam Hussein’s regime are now using their knowledge to join the looters in digging through the ancient cities, destroying thousands of priceless jars, bottles and other artefacts in their search for gold and other treasures.” (original article) {Via Art History Newsletter}

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  1. Maybe time for some VC or Hedge Fund Money ….. I bet the return on capital would be fairly significant!…..The Met has an unlimited budget these days or so I hear….

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