What happens when you’re black in Louisiana?


Post-Hurricane Katrina, I don’t understand why more people haven’t been talking about the culture of hate in the state of Louisiana. Click here or the image for some video.

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  1. thank god I am finally hearing about all this. if it weren’t for african american bloggers, the rest of the country would never know. i am SO glad you are covering this and trying to spread some awareness.

  2. I could be wrong but I think there’s a comfort zone in hating (anything) where after a while you’re afraid of letting go because you don’t know what to fill that void with. I watched the whites talk about what was going on under that tree as “people are misrepresenting us…”, misrepresenting flat out segregation!? kids are cruel but they only mimick what they see in the adult world… (this will only make sense if you’ve been following the story) – I’ll finish by suggesting; hate doesn’t have to be replaced by love right away just compassion.

  3. Hey Houri

    In my experience compassion cannot exist without the presence of love. Love is the foundation for the pure experience of emotions. The Jena 6 situation in Louisiana and other situations that mirror occurs when a people are not respected as equals. But who do we disrespect on a daily basis? Anytime you say something about a person or yourself that devalues, you feed into the energy of the folks in Louisiana, other places in this country and around the world and give it more power and authority. When do we speak up when in our presence, someone says something mean about another person or group? We must learn to be kind to one another even if the person we might view as a f¨ø-ûp.

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