Minsuk Cho’s “The Ring Dome” Rises on Lafayette Ave


Friday, September 28, 2007 — Artist Marilyn Minter responds to “10 Questions” posed by Karen Marta about Minter’s grisly-glam paintings and photographs, and her new monograph–part of Storefront of Art and Architecture‘s “Performance Z to A.”

I LOVE that Storefront and the city of NY was allowed Minsuk Cho to erect a dome in Petrosino Triangle as a setting for daily performances and lectures. It’s a beautiful apparition at the corner of Lafayette & Kenmare.Built like a trendy Buckmeister Fuller, parts of Cho’s plastic dome glow in the dark. There are silver footprints on the floor under the dome and air balloon security guards stand watch at the edges of the parkette.The most memorable quote from Minter’s talk was “There are no politically correct fantasties“–how true!

Storefront has posted photos from the events. Click here to see their pics.

ringdome03.jpg ringdome05.jpg ringdome06.jpg

My Flickr photos here

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