SF’s Mt. Davidson Cross Vandalized

Mt. Davidson cross is a historic landmark in San Francisco and earlier this week (the police report says the 23rd), the plaque at the base of the sculpture commemorating the Armenian Genocide’s 1.5 million dead was stolen in what police are not ruling out as a possible hate crime.The official history of the landmark here. The NBC news story here.

Mount Davidson is the highest natural point in San Francisco, California, with an elevation of 925 feet. Mt. Davidson’s most notable feature, aside from its height, is the 103-foot concrete cross situated at the peak of the hill.Flickr images of Mt. Davidson here, here & here.

mtdavidson03.jpg mtdavidson04.jpg mtdavidson05.jpg

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  1. i’ve been searching for articles regarding this atrocious act after learning about it on the news last night, and it seems that local papers (the online versions, at least) don’t find it news-worthy enough.

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