Ecstasy in Trebizond?

Ok, now I’ve heard everything….Hrant Dink‘s killer is saying that he regrets killing the Turkish Armenian editor and blames it partially on the effects of ecstasy? I’ve never heard of anyone wanting to kill on ecstasy! Full article (courtesy BBC) here

2 responses to “Ecstasy in Trebizond?”

  1. Carmen Avatar

    ridiculous and insulting. is this for real??!!!??

  2. Amy Avatar

    Oh sure, blame it on the drugs, not paranoia and decades of cultivating a loopy brand of ethnic hatred. And furthermore, if one is seriously going to blame murder on a drug, they should come up with something better than ecstasy, which is way more likely to make someone want to, like, snuggle with their enemy, certainly not kill them, n’est pas? What is the matter with people?!

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