Breaking the Shackles of War in NYC

1777196069_d0356e6f5a.jpgVeken and I made it out for the rainy Oct. 27 Anti-War Protest that converged on Broadway just north of Union Square and continued downtown to Foley Square, near City Hall.

The event, which takes place in 10 cities across America, is called FALL OUT AGAINST THE WAR and is composed of a coalition of groups including United for Peace & Justice, Code Pink and others.

Click here to see a slideshow of all my protest photos.

The themes for the day were no blood for oil, no war on Iran, Bush is an idiot and how many U.S. soldiers have to continue to die for a war based on lies?

3838 Americans, 171 British & 132 others have already died (source)…while 80,000 documented Iraqis have also died in this war.

And check out Brave New Films’ video in support of the Oct. 27 protests.


It made me happy to read the NY Times magazine article “Evanglical Crackup“–since it seems that the once trusty block of Republican voters are more anti-war and anti-politics than any time before the rise of the once-monolithic-seeming Religious Right three decades ago!

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  1. Hey Hrag and Veken! Great protest with some really creative banners! sorry I missed it šŸ™ Ended up cooking for 25 people last night; does that contribute to world peace in any way…?

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