French Intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy Explains Why the Armenian Genocide Needs to Be Recognized

levy.jpgFrench intellectual heavyweight Bernard-Henri Lévy is a vocal supporter of human rights and this year he has been passionately supporting legislation that will recognize the Armenian Genocide and condemn historical revisionism.

This video is from a Paris meeting where in front of a wide-range of French luminaries and organizations he spoke about the need to prevent Armenian Genocide denial.

This is particularly poignant now in the U.S. as our Congress gave in to Turkish lobbyists and recently tabled a resolution that would simply state the truth of the historic event.

Lévy cries out for the “SOLIDARITY FOR THE BEFALLEN” and reminds citizens of the world that the moral values of democracy cannot cohabit with geographic strategies at the risk of seeing other crimes against humanity, such as the recent ones in Rwanda and Darfur, repeating themselves.


A MONEYQUOTE by Bernard-Henri Levy reported in Le Monde last February:

Some say, “it is not up to the Law to write History. That’s absurd. Because history has already been written. That the Armenians were the victims of an attempt at genocide, in the strict sense of the word; namely, of a planned operation of systematic annihilation.”

An article in Nouvelles d’Armenie en Ligne about the same event.

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