Hindu Deities Galore

I came across these glorious images of some Hindu festival on Flickr today and couldn’t wait to share them. There are no descriptions and I even emailed the photographer inquiring as to what the hell these things were but I have yet to hear back.

They are marvelously grand and saturated with color. Some of the bizarre forms are a tad blurry, but you still get a taste of the monumental nature of these cultural (or are they strictly religious?) monuments. Check out all 92 photos here.

1804694410_896377f5d5_m.jpg 1803838237_97bbb165e9_m.jpg 1769318247_1b2d7df00a_m.jpg 1769255669_5976486b55_m.jpg
1770292440_55e81cc20d_m.jpg 1803825595_71ce2b8e02_m.jpg 1803845025_86b0fbd443_m.jpg 1804697574_c91403f557_m.jpg

ADDENDUM: I got this from the photographer today (Nov. 19) in response to to inquiry about the images, “thanks for having a look at my photos!!! all the photos are from kolkata,india during durga puja festival”

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