Carl Cox Concert Bloodbath, 4 Dead

A club night by electronic bigwig Carl Cox was the scene of a violent incident that has left four dead and nine wounded in Caracas, Venezuela. The news first surfaced on a forum but there is also a video on YouTube where you can hear the gun shots and see the shocking sight of bodies on the dancefloor. What a sad day.

I know how frightening this type of incident can be. I remember being in a basement club in the mid-90s in Toronto (I think it was called Playground, but it was so long ago…who can remember) when a drag queen walked in with a gun and started shooting–supposedly someone had stolen her boyfriend. The truth was that I don’t remember hearing the gun shots but the ensuing chaos scared the crap out of all of us who were there.

UPDATE: Click here to see another video of the same incident.

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