Jack Up Your Cell Signal

img_2013.JPGNowadays most of the people I know (under 40) don’t have land lines and prefer cell phones as their primary telecommunications device. I personally haven’t had a land line for eight years.

The urban density of New York ensures that full cell phone signals all the time are a pipe dream. Now, along comes a must have for the city dweller…a cell phone extender!

So far, the device hasn’t proven to be perfect but it gives me four bars at home where I used to have only one. You simply have to place the antenna by a window that has a clear signal (most apartments have at least one) and then place the base unit 15 feet away…yup, that’s it….trust me, you’ll thank me.

Oh, and if you didn’t know…there is some interesting cell phone art out there and here and here. Even art giants Tracey Emin & Nan Goldin have been known to exhibit cell phone pics as art and Nokia is calling it “Fonetography”–but that was three years ago and (surprise surprise) the pretentious sounding term hasn’t caught on yet.

2 responses to “Jack Up Your Cell Signal”

  1. Carl Avatar

    Double jointed much? Nevermind the cell phone extender. Is that your thumb in the photo? You might want to have that checked out.

  2. hv Avatar

    Yes, that’s my thumb in all its double-jointed glory!

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