The Delightful Kardashian Bunch

1645652839_bbe86413b6_m.jpgOk, the NY Daily News hates it, but I can’t help but love Kim Kardashian’s TV debut as a post-modern Marcia cum porn star in an Alice through the looking-glass version of the Brady Bunchwow, that’s a mouthful.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” premiered last month and is part reality TV-part temper tantrum. It is already highly rated, according to the NY Post, and Kim has become an obsession for me, and I’m not the only one since everyone I know from gay to straight, lesbian to bi, Armenian American or not are equally enamored with this zaftig icon. An AOL Entertainment blog says that the season premiere on Oct. 14, E! ranked as the number one show among women (ages 18 to 34) in its Sunday night timeslot and after four weeks the series has reached more than 13 million total viewers!

The best line of the first show was by Kim herself: “There’s a lot of baggage that comes with us, but it’s like Louis Vuitton baggage. You always want it.” (source)

Chocked full of psychological issue that would take 20 seasons (minimum) to solve, the K Bunch are crude, funny, whiny, loud and entirely democratic in victimizing people (including themselves) with their snide humor.

The K Bunch is a typical example of the “family by choice” variety of the contemporary American family and this week’s episode delved into Kim’s four full siblings’ Armenian heritage, their deceased dad and how they each deal with it (I have to admit I was even a little touched)…but having said that the show is dominated by a family that seems eager to try new things without the baggage (Louis Vuitton or otherwise) of the past….soooo refreshing.

1646555606_58bca6dea1_m.jpgI know any discussion of Kim isn’t complete without discussion of her infamous sex tape, so did everyone know that, according the NY Magazine, Kim is set to make $5 million for her sex tape? And there is another sex tape one on its way…wow, does she ever have sex without a camera nearby?

Other K-Kardashian tidbits worth noting:

  • the MySpace feud between Kim & Haylie Duff is here;
  • Kim’s most famous step-brother (Brody Jenner) isn’t much of a character on the E! show….hmmm, I wonder if that will change now that it’s highly rated
  • her Playboy spread in the December issues is out now {here are some leaked pics}
  • here’s a fun video interview with Kim K {via Brightcove}

By the way, E! has already announced that Kim will be returning for a second season! Hazah!

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