The Creationist Museum is a Scary Joke

dinosaurjesus.JPGHere is a full set of photos (and a video of a display) of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, which was opened by people frightened by science and reason.

I refuse to pull any punches in this ridiculous realm, because I think anyone who thinks Creationism is as equally valid as Evolution is an idiot.

Many years ago, I was once more postmodern in my thinking, even suggesting that all perspectives needed to be given the same respect. But now I realize that some opinions are dangerous because they are used to subvert truth and reality for political and social engineering purposes–in this case by religious fundamentalists terrified by social issues they would rather not confront.

I’m not the only blogger fed up with this nonsense.

{via the Friendly Atheist}

3 responses to “The Creationist Museum is a Scary Joke”

  1. Veken Avatar

    also check out these flickr photos and the great comments

  2. Jenny Avatar

    Could I play devil’s advocate for one second? Because I spent the greater part of last night and the night before thinking about this post — and I’ve even directed a few of my friends (including one science teacher) to the museum’s Web site… I even had an interesting conversation with my aphasic father about this, because I missed having intellectual conversations with him. (See what you started, Hrag?)

    So, devil’s advocate: Where did it all start from? What are or were “days” in the time that the Bible was written or compiled or edited? Could God have set into moti0n some molecular chain of events so as to create the universe in a way that it would evolve (ahem) into what it is today?

    It just always gives me pause to think, especially while I’m driving and my car doesn’t just go flying off the freeway into the sky, or when I look at the sun and realize that we’re not burning to death… the planets aren’t knocking into each other, the moon isn’t flying away…

    How did this synchronicity happen?

  3. hv Avatar

    Jenny » I don’t think it’s that complicated to be honest. I think it is more about people turning their back on truth and seeking comfort in ignorance. It’s tragic.

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