A Tour of Bushwick Open Spaces 2007

img_2469.JPGI’m gearing up for my vacation but I decided to take a quick run through of today’s “Open Spaces” festival organized by Arts in Bushwick.

The snow and cold discouraged me from venturing to every single space (there were over 30 spaces open) but people were generally warm and there were some things worth noting.

I liked Jason Eisner’s work at English Kills, particularly the strange cloud-like works that hugged the corners of the gallery.

Joy Curtis’ rough minimalist sculptures were endearing, though in the bric-a-brac of a loft space it was hard to gauge their general success.

Andrew Moon Bain’s exuberant prints at Ad Hoc were richly layered and stuffed full of so many elements that I wasn’t sure if they were outsider works or visionary graphics. His inferno image hearkened back to a nineteenth century tradition of apocalyptic painting and his print of President Bush with serpent tongues is priceless.

2082096800_577a1ef003_m.jpgJungil Hong’s print in the same show of Providence (RI) area graphics at Ad Hoc was stunningly colorful. The six panel work is entitled “Welcome to Lonely Ville” and shares the same love of disaster as Bain (disaster has been a prevalent theme in the city’s art scene for the last few years, I wonder why...ahem).

Marilyn Dizikes’ “Color Boogie” (2007) was a nice surprise. She took a chance with some curious color combinations that resulted in a hypnotic and soothing art work…in fact, it brightened up my day.

I regret not making it to Pocket Utopia, since their “Etsy!” show sounded great….to check out the full slide show of my quick tour visit here.

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  1. […] saw this art work by Jason Eisner at English Kills in Bushwick back in December 2007, but I saw the EXACT SAME work on the scaffolding of a construction site in […]

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