Looking for Graffiti in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Last week during my vacation in San Juan, I kept my eyes peeled for graffiti in an effort to see how that most universal of art forms is being practiced by Puerto Rican graffiti writers.

Unlike New York, San Juan has not been flooded by street artists posting their more refined variants of the street art form so, as a result, there remains a raw energy adherent to the throw-ups and tags that both decorate and vandalize the streets of the Puerto Rican capital.

Check out my whole Flickr photo essay (with commentary) here.

4 responses to “Looking for Graffiti in San Juan, Puerto Rico”

  1. there graffiti in San Juan, but only tags in old San Juan because is a historical place, you only went to the pretty places to look for graffiti if you went a little further you probably could see the better graffiti, like Santurce.

  2. well if you go to old San Juan, go to the bus station and take the A9 bus it will show you some good graffitis (take all the stops) , another place is in old San Juan near the Salvation Army ask, your gonna see some good ones around there.

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