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Once as a bored teen watching TV I hit my breaking point after having seen one too many Church of Latter Day Saints commercials and mindlessly called the number on the screen to order a free copy of the Book of Mormon.

A few weeks later the tome arrived and I was flabbergasted at how badly the book was written and put it down thinking that I would never have a brush with Mormonism for a long while. To my surprise, the LDS peeps called my home endlessly for YEARS trying to get my take on the book and gauge how likely I was to convert, I guess. When I moved out of my parents’ home they continued to call, even after my mom said I had moved out. She practically had to tell them I was dead for them to ditch my digits.

Well, now that Mitt Romney is vying for the White House Mormonism has re-entered my life through the endless media babble about a religion founded in upstate New York–I think that’s funny–and claims 13 million followers worldwide (did you know that 32% of the south Pacific Kingdom of Tonga is Mormon?).

Take 23/6’s Mormon quiz and test your knowledge (or lack there of) about the Angel Moroni, how Jesus & Lucifer are related and other tidbits that can sometimes sound sci-fi, not Scientology sci-fi, but sci-fi nonetheless.

Btw, the most interesting website I encountered regarding the Book of Mormon is one that claims that it was plagiarized from Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass…his argument here.

Image caption: The evolution of the sacred Mormon underwear.

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  1. James Kalm Avatar
    James Kalm

    Behind your superficial humor and clever digs at the Mormons (real name: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is a bigotry that, if focused at other groups, would be called anti-Semitism or racism. Just because a presidential candidate is LDS does that make it open season for knocking the whole religion? Next time you complain about intolerance or prejudice against some group take a look in the mirror.

  2. hv Avatar

    Hey James,
    I think it’s surprising that you would find my post bigoted, since I was encouraging people learn more and can you be specific without generalizing…if you are going to hurl around strong words, you should be specific.
    Also, I hope you hold the LDS accountable for their anti-gay, anti-female and anti-black policies that they have long held. Let me know about what you think about that.

  3. James Kalm Avatar
    James Kalm

    America is a free country, you have the right to hold bigoted views if you want. I just find it too much of a coincidence that these kinds of bias comments come at politically expedient times. I’m not going to apologize for the faults of the Mormons, I dropped out when I was eleven over some of these issues, but having faced this kind of prejudice a lot I have to call it when I see it. To repeat, make similar comments about other “special” groups and you’d be branded a bigot (post a link to “the Protocols of the Elders of Zion” website). But somehow it’s okay to trash Mormons?

    I’m still trying to develop a greater sense of tolerance, trying to see through the group think biases to the individual.

    Regarding “educating” you on Mormonism, I could just call a couple of my nephews (former missionaries) and have them come by and start the whole process all over again, ha ha.

  4. hv Avatar

    I think it is wrong when people brand people who make comments like that about other groups too…people who usually throw around the term “bigot” usually do that so that they don’t have to debate issues that they find difficult to explain or grapple with. I would still love to here what you find bigoted specifically.

    I could discuss the flood story in the Old Testament and link to the Babylonian flood story and I don’t think that’s bigoted.

    I actually am fascinated by some of the aspects of Mormonism, like their sense of community, their love of geneology, the training their missionaries receive (talk about extensive training) but I don’t agree with everything (from what I know that is).

    So, go ahead and give my email to your nephews…this blog need a good Mormon interview!

  5. James Kalm Avatar
    James Kalm

    Take a look at the 23/6 “Test Your Mormon IQ”. I could spend hours refuting and pointing out the inaccuracies and innuendos in this political hit piece (generally anti-Christian). I don’t have the time or inclination to argue “religion”, or politics, I’d rather try to make some art. Instead of painting with a broad brush I have to consider all the individuals I know who live and work in their beliefs as Latter Day Saints. As with most religions, it’s less the dogma and doctrine that counts (not too many people take a literal view of the Bible, or Koran) than the actual deeds and resultant life styles that’s encouraged.

    Mormonism is a uniquely American faith, it reflects a wacky kind of nineteenth century desirer to create an alternative narrative (though no more nutty that any other religion). The evolution of America, particularly the Western expansion, would be totally different with out their immigration into the wilderness. For you Marxists, the Mormons had experimented in communal living while Karl was still is dippers, they organized over 1400 communities (far out numbering even Alexander the Greats efforts) and to this day have a social support system that puts the Federal government’s to shame.

    What’s disappointing is that these political hacks call their bile filled tunes and “true believers” unquestioningly dance. When the people who start down this road are supposed to be “sensitive” and “humane”, for the little guys or the alienated, yet are incapable of recognize the negative direction they’re going, (for the sake of political expediency) it’s time for me to move on.

    Some of my best friends are Mormons, thanks JK

  6. hv Avatar

    Those are good points but it’s a comedy website, so it lives off characturing beliefs and people.
    This has been fun, and I’m eager to learn more about Mormonism….but the truth is I think itRomney’s run for President is a great thing that will modernize people’s views on Mormonism and force Mormons themselves to reexamine their religion and what is at the core of their belief. Sounds like a win win situation at the end of the day.

  7. Summer Avatar

    i think both of you should stop arguing!
    how about yous both go to church and see whats its like for yourselves.
    i happen to have been brought up in the LDS church since birth and it has been the best thing my mother could possibly do for my family!
    maybe yous both need the missionaries to see you (:
    have a nice life!

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