My Top 10

It has been a great inaugural year for my blog…and the following is a hybrid list of some popular and favorite posts this year (chronologically):

  1. A Tribute to Hrant Dink (January 19) — the sadness I felt after Hrant’s assassination was what first drove me to blog regularly, so this is the post that kicked it all off
  2. Crossing the Line: Ipek Duben’s Armenian Problem (March 16)
  3. Art in Second Life, an interview with Richard Minsky (March 31)
  4. This WET PAINT, it AINT WET (April 4)
  5. Visiting Garine Torossian’s Cinematic Armenia (May 20)
  6. Installations Steal the Show at 2007 Bushwick Open Studios (June 3)
  7. YouTube = New Global Folk Art (June 24)
  8. East Village Communal TO DO List (August 4)
  9. Arthur Nersesian: Auschwitz & Righteous Gentiles (November 2)
  10. Cockfighting in San Juan, Puerto Rico (December 13)

Thanks to everyone who read, perused or commented on my blog this year…Happy New Year everyone and see you in 2008!

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