NY Times Building Meltdown?

I pointed out some possible design flaws in the New York Times building last November, and today the sky is falling around the newspaper’s HQ according to Curbed.

I had also missed the fact that the same blog reported about another incident on Dec. 3 at the same building…the following is the chronology of that incident:

  1. Curbed first reported:”Stuff is falling from the times building. Not sure what. 40th street closed. Fire Dept everywhere!
  2. then Gothamist reported that “windows are popping out of the rather new New York Times building” because of the wind.
  3. and then…CityRoom reported that “Around 3:30 p.m., a man walking on West 40th Street by The Times’s building was struck in the head by an object that fell from the building, police and fire officials said. The man, who was described by the police as in his early 30s, had a cut on his head above the eye and was being treated on the scene.”

I’d call that a MAJOR DESIGN FLAW whatever it is!!!

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