AA Bronson’s “School For Young Shamans” at John Connelly Presents

Art Fag City already tipped you off to the

AA Bronson

show in Chelsea….some of the highlights of the exhibition known as “AA Bronson’s School For Young Shamans”at John Connelly Presents were:

  • the naked shaman holding a real fish in a lush tent (pictured above),

  • Bronson’s photos, which were expectedly delightful, and

  • the glory hole stalls (a collaboration between Bronson and emerging art star Terence Koh), which were perfectly suited for the space and insightful about the reasons people seek anonymous bathroom sex–namely personal fantasies and narcissism.

Unfortunately, all the other works were quite forgettable.

If you want to check it out the show continues until February 16. I plan to go back when it isn’t overrun with the Thursday night art mobs to give it a second look.

{Photo courtesy VG}

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