Hye Eli’s Virtual Mirror

chermirror.jpgOk, now some shameless self-promotion for a great new podcast.

Those interested in global Armenian cultural issues should check out Hye Eli, a new podcast by Tamar Hayatayan Armen of Vancouver, Canada, which has the deliciously wonderful tag line “a Mirror for Armenians.”

I was kindly asked to contribute an essay for the latest podcast on Garine Torossian, an experimental filmmaker I’ve known for a very long time (16 years? can’t remember) and whose work is quite remarkable–coincidentally, I’ve blogged about Garine’s work before

Tamar has already interviewed a number of interesting personalities and from what she explains, she has plans for many many more. Check out her segments on British performer and writer Nourtiza Matossian, German journalist and editor Huberta von Voss, LA photographer Ara Oshagan and Naregatsi Art Institute founder (who seems to be based somewhere between Yerevan & New Jersey at any given movement) Nareg Haroutunian.

Hye Eli is also available via iTunes, so you can sync it with your iPod and take it to go. 

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