EU Kitsch


I was shocked at how horribly ugly these statues in front of the EU parliament in Brussels were. They are soulless, dull and out of place looking more like the mutant offspring of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid and Brussels’ Peeing Little Boy than anything else. Then again, the whole EU parliament looked like a shopping mall, so maybe the sculptures are appropriate.

I was unable to find the name of the artist…anyone know who the misguided sculptor is?

Unfortunately, they weren’t the only hideous and strange things to look at in the parliamentary complex. I was particularly taken by the free “Europe on the Move: The Story of the European Union (EU)” poster that was available in the visitors’ center. In charting the evolving history of the EU the geniuses at the European parliament couldn’t find anything that represented the common bond amongst the dozens of member states other than cheesy clothes styles and bungee jumping (who thinks of bungee jumping as European?).

See the whole unedited tragicomedy poster here.


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