The Belgian WORD

2271478683_1dc02bae1c_m.jpgA new English-language “neighbourhood life + global style” magazine has surfaced in Belgium called THE WORD.

I picked up my free copy around the EU parliament in Brussels from some hipster who spoke perfect English.

It is free, full color glossy, full of ads and kind of like the Village Voice meets Wallpaper*.

Some stuff in the inaugural issue:

  • “Undressing the Nation” about what defines Belgium;
  • “Domestic Diamonds” about the shiny stones on some banal objects;
  • “On the look-out for 20th century design” about shopping for modern design in Brussels;
  • “Rwanda rising” about a post-genocide Rwanda;
  • “Great all of China” about the ballooning Chinese art market;
  • “Sleeping by the canal” which is a delightful photoessay about life by the Brussels waterway; and
  • here’s some more tidbits.

You can sign up to get every copy delivered to your doorstep free of charge here. I’m not into magazines anymore, but hell, it’s free!

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