Obama’s Font of Choice: Gotham


Gary Hustwit (of Helvetica film fame) enlightens us regarding the official Obama font: Gotham.

Designed by Hoefler & Frere-Jones, and originally a commission for GQ Magazine, Gotham was crafted to look “very fresh, yet very established, to have a credible voice to it.” {via Daring Fireball}

Also of interest:

  • A while ago Gothamist wrote about the font, and
  • the NY Times wrote a short article about Gotham in 2004 when the typeface was chosen for the Freedom Tower cornerstone at the World Trade Center site.

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  2. Zack Avatar

    gotham is one of the best typeface that clearly readable in all size and kerning and leding are easy to handle in gotham


  3. […] and « Up » stickers on his cage. Since I didn’t have any, I whipped these up, using that oh-so-2008 / Hopey-changey sans-serif, Gotham and printed them out onto pre-cut inkjet sticker paper (hence […]

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