Looking at Tehran’s Amazing Modern Art Collection


ABC News looks at the bounty of fine modern art in Tehran that some estimate to be worth at least $3 billion. The reporter reveals:

What was revealed was astonishing: a series of paintings by Picasso; a wall’s worth of pop art by Roy Lichtenstein; Warhol portraits of Jackie Onassis, Mick Jagger and Marilyn Monroe; a Diego Rivera self portrait; and a painting many consider to be the best Jackson Pollock outside of North America.

…and now for some curious info:

When some of the collection briefly went on display in 2005 Andre Derain’s “Golden Age,” a 1905 painting of female nudes, was notably absent. Also hidden was the centerpiece of a Frances [sic] Bacon painting triptych. The center panel could be taken as homoerotic, showing two naked men asleep in bed.

Judging by the photo that accompanies the article, I can spot a large black & white Pablo Picasso (circa 1920 or 30s) in the left background, a typical Georges Rouault at the bottom center, and what looks like a Henri Matisse still-life on the bottom right. I can’t figure out the three smaller works along the top of the photo...anyone have any ideas?

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