Gnarls Barkley is Not an Epileptic’s Bestfriend

For those of your that remember the 1997 Pokemon episode that triggered photosensitive epilepsy in a handful of Japanese children, well it seems TV (MTV specifically) have adopted a policy that will ensure that doesn’t happen again.

The latest victim of the Pokemon-effect ban (called the Harding Test) is Gnarls Barkley…this via HuffPost:

…its strobe effects, which caused the clip to fail the Harding Test — guidelines established to prevent TV images from triggering epileptic seizures.

Just so you know the infamous Pokemon episode did not have a long term impact on the kids. Here’s a link to the original Pokemon scene that caused the seizures…warning, not for the epileptic!

And I’ve posted the Gnarls Barkley video below.

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