Join International Online Free Expression Day

Today (March 12), this blog is observing International Online Free Expression Day which was established by Reporters Without Borders to confront obstacles to the free flow of information online.

FACT: 63 cyber-dissidents are currently in jail worldwide for using their right to free expression on the Internet, including 49 in China, 7 in Vietnam and 2 in Syria. More than 2,600 websites, blogs or discussions forums were closed or made inaccessible in 2007.


Learn more and check out the Reporters Without Borders useful HANDBOOK FOR BLOGGERS & CYBER-DISSIDENTS, which covers useful topics, including:

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  1. PiggyBankBlues Avatar

    i guess one way to achieve anonymity is to not hand out your blog’s address to friends…

    i love reporters without borders! borders are overrated.

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