Kim Holleman’s Law of the Land at Black + White Gallery

Kim Holleman: Law of the Land
Black & White Gallery
March 14 – May 25, 2008

Kim’s latest works seem like apparitions from a child’s imagination. Miniature worlds, vintage record players and glittery landscapes fill the whole Black & White gallery space, including the back patio.


The record pieces were the most visually impressive. Clear attractive colors, contrasting forms, and pop culture associations make them fun and riveting. The fact that there is a whole wall of alternative records with their own toxic landscapes makes them more interesting. I hope someone buys the lot, because they look great as a corner of discs and players.



“Congratulations on your success” (above) drops a park on a cake. Over the years the letters on the top of the cake seems to have disappeared (maybe it’s my faulty memory), as if it slowly it is reverting to a vegetal state.

A glitter-scape

The glitter-scapes look like they came fresh out of a paint-by-numbers kit and were completed by teenage girls obsessed with glitter. These works continues the tongue-in-cheek flavor of the show. Contrasts abound.

The satellite dishes were bathed in a feeling of quiet isolation. They seem fresh and vibrant.


In addition to the work on the walls, the mountain-scape of plastic bags in the back and the columns of enviro-columns with their own soundtrack (though it was hard to hear them at a gallery opening), there were “planted” radio-controlled cars driving through the space.

The enviro-fantasia was a welcome stop…and did I mention the wonderful life-sized “trailer park” parked out front which completed Kim’s artistic eco-topia. The future looks green.

3 responses to “Kim Holleman’s Law of the Land at Black + White Gallery”

  1. Olympia Avatar

    All right. I’m feeling it…. a lot.
    BUT at the same time… this feels veeerrrrryyy eerily like Joe Fig.
    What do you think???

  2. hv Avatar

    Olympia »
    That’s really interesting…but I think his seems to grapple with issues of scale and space rather than environment and personal history. There is a style similarity though, you’ve got a sharp eye.

  3. maro Avatar

    love it. especially the satellite dishes.

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