Reflecting on St. Paddy’s Day

I’m not a big drinker but who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day.

This past Monday I ventured to McSorley’s on E7th Street (the oldest Irish tavern in New York and the oldest continuously operated bar in the city) to have a pint and gawk at the disgusting interior…did you know they have wishbones on the chandelier with an inch of dust on them?

Anyway, I wanted to post a wonderful picture from a photog friend, Maro (aka the FABULOUS Miss Maro), that encapsulates the St. Paddy’s “everyone is Irish for a day” spirit.


Check out her:

  • Flickr page here (though she hasn’t yet posted this pic for some reason);
  • MySpace here;
  • website here;
  • a recent Drag King photo essay she shot for the Village Voice here; and
  • and another one on bus porn hereno really.

She and I also have something very much in common, both our moms are cooler than we aretragic but true.

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